Our Chapbook Authors

Chapbook Series 1

Book 1: Seven Days Now, Erica Anderson-Senter

Erica Anderson-Senter lives and writes in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Graduating from the Bennington Writing Seminars with an MFA in January 2016, she

13912659_10153794860378321_6597951986283669211_nhas been coordinating literature readings around her city: SWEAT and INK, SMALL SPACES and SPEAKEASY. Currently, she is a reader for [PANK]. She writes just enough to keep her heart above water. Her work has appeared in a few local magazines, Specter, and on the back of wine bottles littered throughout Indiana.



Book 2: One Winter Night in the Pines, Amy Jo Trier-Walker

Amy Jo Trier-Walker received her MFA in poetry at Columbia College Chicago, and she lives and works on a tree and herb farm in Indiana. She is the author of Trembling Ourselves Into Trees (Horse Less Press, 2015) and the winner of the 2016 Permafrost New Alchemy Contest. Her work can be found in Forklift, Ohio, New American Writing, Handsome, Caliban online, Ghost Ocean, Tinderbox Poetry Review, Word For/Word, and inter|rupture, among others.

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Book 3: Coming Soon!