“Dandelions were world-famous for their beauty. Dandelions were a common and beloved garden flower in Europe, and the subject of many poems. In the terrifying New World, the cheerful face of the dandelion would have been a sweet reminder of home. In Japan, whole horticultural societies formed to enjoy the beauty of dandelions and to develop exciting new varieties for gardeners.”

–Anita Sanchez, mofga.org

We are currently on hiatus and unable to accept work at this time. We hope to be back in the game soon! Take care!!

The Dandelion Review earns its name from the hardy flower that so often colors Midwest grasses, and that so often burrows up through cracks in the cement. We love these beauties–we’re maybe obsessed.

dandelion crack

The Dandelion Review is a literary magazine publishing poetry and creative nonfiction. We seek to publish women writers and people who identify on the lgbtqiaa+ spectrum. We publish one issue a year, in the spring.

We are interested in the stories you have to tell–the quiet morning with your lover, the spilled milk on the floor, the trauma, the survival, the vagina, the muddy river near your house. We also seek the stories that you need to tell. The ones you must write, and the ones you think no one wants to hear. We want to hear them. We really do.

Tell us with leaping language and tight line breaks, with images we’ve never known, with a shape-shifting essay.